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One Thread at a Time: Reflections by Jennifer from Ecuador

We do not always have the opportunity to visit our partners in their respective countries. However we count it a great job when someone in our community has the opportunity. Jennifer, Thistle Farms Graduate and Hospitality Coordinator, shares her experience visiting our global partner, Sibimbe in Ecuador.

T​his past March 5-13, 2016, I had the fortune of spending time in Ecuador on my second mission trip. Back in 2009 when I was in active addiction I often wondered if I was ever going to do anything productive with my life. I found Thistle Farms and my whole world has shifted from darkness to light. The last thing I ever dreamed of was going to Ecuador; let alone twice. It is an eye opening experience.

I met the women of our sewing cooperative called Sibimbe. These women don't understand English and I don't understand Spanish. We couldn't communicate verbally; but we were able to communicate in the centuries old language of love. Our eyes and body language spoke volumes. I think everyone should go to a third world country at least once in their life. It is truly an eye opening experience that put my whole world into perspective. When I came into Thistle Farms in 2010, I had nothing. I have been building my life up one little piece at a time and I was only able to do it through a bountiful community. It is the same in Ecuador. The women of Sibimbe started with nothing and they are building their life up one piece at a time. One thread at a time. They are also rich in community. Sometimes all we have is each other and I have learned that joining with my community instead of separating from it​ is the only way to really live.

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April 25, 2016 by Michelle Wijaya
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