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A warm welcome to our new partner: Blessed Hope Nepal

After the devastating earthquake in April 2015 and the following aftershocks, Nepal struggled to get back on its feet. The country is still rebuilding its infrastructure and economy. At Thistle Farms Global, we are excited to partner with a locally-owned and run cooperative in Kathmandu, called Blessed Hope Nepal. A group of 25 women have been able to keep their jewelry making business up and running despite the effects of the earthquake. Many of these women moved from the Himalayan mountains area to find better economic opportunities or education for their families in the capital city.

One of the managers and founding members, Lhakpa, grew up in a remote village tucked away in the Himalayan mountains and lost her mom at the age of nine. She grew up taking care of her younger siblings and responsible for many farming duties. Later in life, she moved to Kathmandu, where she now oversees the women's cooperative, trains women in jewelry making, and recently welcomed her 3rd child in the family (see photo below, there's a baby in the basket)! A mother of many talents and abilities, Lhakpa, is known to be able to make any pattern or design for jewelry, serves some of the best chai tea, and is a wise and caring manager for the co-op.


Currently, Thistle Farms Global is carrying Blessed Hope's limited edition spring collection of bracelets. See the sets online here. All these roll-on bracelets are hand-crocheted using tiny beads in intricate patterns or beautiful solid colors. When you wear your bracelets, you can remember women like Lhakpa and hope for continuing restoration of the country of Nepal. 

March 29, 2016 by Michelle Wijaya
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